School visitor badge system for Australia; A-Z

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An introduction to the School visitor badge system

Visitor badges go beyond the nametags.

You always want to give the best experience for your visitors. By the way, for that first thing is differentiating your visitors from other regular people.

So, do you have a proper method to recognize your visitors? Or, are you planning to have one? We will guide you to implement a new Visitor Badge System or to brush up what you are using now.

What is a visitor badge?

Visitor badges are a must in any place where visitors are allowed.

You might manage a computerized system or a log book to record your visitors’ details. But does it help to spot your visitors from others after he pass the entrance?

Well, No. isn’t it? In that case, visitor badges will help you!

Simply, a Visitor badge is a sticker or an adhesive tag with some details of the visitor. And what’s best? It’s a spot light for visitors!

What includes in a Visitor Badge?

The main reason for having a Visitor Badge is to separate your guests from others.

So, basically, a visitor badge comprise name of the visitor with a photo, visitor type, date, host, etc.

But, let’s feed two birds with one scone! Why don’t you use visitors’ badge to showcase your creativity, professionalism and your concern for visitors?

Just use a little bit of your creativity to decorate your visitors’ badge, may be with your logo, eye catching colours, etc.

You can design your custom visitor badge with edPass.

How to select the most suitable visitors’ badge for me?

Identifying the best choice of visitor badge is challenging. However, you have to select most suitable visitor badge out of self-expiring badges, adhesive labels, PVC cards, re-usable tags, and so on.

Mixed up? Don’t worry, we will guide you.

The next points discussed here are the fact you have to consider before choosing the most suitable visitor badge system for you.

What are the hardware needed for a Visitor Badge System?

It’s pretty straight forward that you will need a printer and printing papers to print visitor badges.

There are many options available for badge printers, which print in black and white or black and red. But be cautious, you have to select only the compatible papers for your printer.

We recommend Brother thermal printers for your visitor badge system, since its high quality and cost effectiveness.

Without further ado, you can order your Brother thermal badge printer now with compatible visitor badges.

How to use visitor badges to improve school security?

What if the front desk is empty when you are visiting your son at school last time? What’s the first thing came to your mind? Just to go in and meet your son!

It will be not harm since you are a parent. But if any stranger did the same?

If your receptionist is busy, she might not notice that strangers are bypassing the entrance easily without following the security procedure.

However, if you have a visitor badge system, your security guards or other staff will spot the stranger within few seconds. 

So it is obvious that security badge is an effective security tool, isn’t it?

Well, what if the front desk is empty? It can’t be an excuse for a stranger to not to follow the security procedure, can be? And on the other hand, you can’t let your visitor to stand at the entrance.

In this case, an automated visitor badge system will be your life saviour!

Our edPass Visitor Management system’s Visitor Badge Printing function will ensure a secure school premise as well as a smooth and welcoming visitor experience.

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How to implement a visitor badge system?

Most of the times, Visitor Badge Systems are incorporated with a Visitor Management System.

It makes the process of printing visitor badges more professional and secure. Besides, this will allow you to fully automate your visitors’ sign in process.

Automated process will drastically improve visitor experience through QR codes, which help them to sign out in a flash.

Contact edPass team to choose most suitable Visitor Management Plan for your school.