Best way to manage your Visitors Contractors Students Staff Resources

edPass provides a seamless solution for managing visitors, contractors, staff and school resources.

School Visitor Registration

Visitors, Contractors, Parent and Staff can be able to use this system for sign in and the system will collect the information separately and be able to export it for the emergency situation.

Late Arrivals and Early Departure

Students Time management is one of the keys to productivity, Visit Us Reception enables you to highlight individuals that have checked in after school bells or early departures.

SMS and Email Notifications

Email notifications include useful information such as the visitor’s photo and their contact details, while email and SMS notifications offer you the ability to sign out visitors once they have left the site.

Visitor Sign in/out

Visitors can be signed in just within a few seconds. The system will record the details securely and separately in each visitor category. You can retrieve them whenever needed.

Visitor Badge Printing

The app prints visitor badges by including their primary details. So that, you can recognize your visitors at a glance.

Diversity of Visitors

The visitor types and their sub-categories within the app can be defined as you prefer. There’s no limit!

Quick Access and “Return in” Option

Regular visitors can quickly sign in with their mobile phone number and the previously registered visitors can use the “Return in” option to sign in without repeating the registration process.

Employee Timesheet

The timesheet act as a summary of all working hours per employee. In the edPass Pro, you can export relevant timesheet data (Excel/ CSV) with a single click. Quick and easy!

Group Sign-in/Sign-out

The grouping feature allows sign-in and sign-out to the system as a group; maybe a group of students and a teacher, a group of contractors, or even a family. Especially, the students from the same family can be signed in and out within a couple of seconds.

Print Visitor Badges

Print visitor passes instantly. Display important information such as a photo, who they are visiting, and QR Code to sign out in a flash. Each pass fits perfectly into a standard lanyard pouch and will be customised with your school logo.

Regular Visitors

Visitors  are able to set their own mobile number as a quick code for a faster school sign-in process. This allow the regular visitors a smooth sign in/out process each day.

Terms & Policies

School Induction and visitor related policies check on the entry point. Check the visitors have the relevant children/police checks or if contractors have completed school induction.

Unlimited Stations with Custom Features

You can set up unlimited edPass stations within the premise. More importantly, you can enable and disable features according to the type of visitors in each station.

Bulk Import Staff and Students details

Importing students and staff details in a bulk is the most convenient way to upload regular visitor details to the edPass. Just within a few clicks, you can update your regular visitors in the app. 

Resource Handling

edPass keeps track of all your assets. In addition, you can generate tokens for all the items which were left by the visitors when they are entering your premise. The unique token acts as a security pass to take back their items.

Handling Delivered Parcels

The courier services can notify the recipient about the parcel via the edPass station at the entrance. It’s safe, quick and easy.  

Manage School Tour Records

The participants for the school tours can be recorded in the system. So, no worries! In case of an emergency, all the details can be retrieved.

Advanced Disclaimer Option

You can update the disclaimers list with new disclaimers, their valid time period, and authorized visitor categories. The system notifies when the disclaimer is invalid.

A Ticket for Your Assets

Taking all your assets into a school or campus is not possible sometimes. In this case, you may feel worried about keeping your belongings at the reception without any security. The “Assets” feature will help in this matter by printing a unique ticket for your items.

Group Registration & Delivery

The group registration will allow to sign in or sign out from the school as a group. No need to do separate actions for each person. Save time and convenient to use. Further, the delivery feature will come in handy with working with delivery parcels to school.

Visitor Monitoring Panel

The edPass systems consist of a full-featured backend panel for all kinds of monitoring, reporting, and emergency searching purposes. The Advance searching functions and fast processing will maximize school security up to a higher standard.

Student Privacy

Thinking about the safety and security of students is a major action in edPass. By disabling auto suggested option when typing the students’ names, you can ensure the privacy of their students.

Universal Tracking System with Reporting

edPass is designed to record all the visitors’ and assets’ in and out details securely. So that, you can track and generate reports whenever needed.

Generating Support Tickets

You can generate tickets for any error you encountered within the app or for any other support you may need. We will get the notification through the app. 



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